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I want to make a sci fi/ fantasy POC film







You barely see it. 

No black mermaids/ faeries/ vampires/ space alien sci heroines/ heroes. I want to create some dope and trippy. Something you rarely see. I am going to put a halt on some of these projects and focus on producing a really creative professional film.  Something that centers on the modern era that is slightly doc styled.  LET’S DO THIS!

any ideas yet? characters in mind? 

 No true ideas yet.

Some are centered around a black version of Alice in Wonderland but better and with a twist. One idea I am kind of forming centers around a little girl who falls immediately into this fantasy world every time she see’s her mother getting physically abused. But I am immediately weary of putting abuse into the picture because sometimes, it’s dope to have a black film with nothing negative - all positivity. So I’m thinking of making it almost like …universal film. The trials are trivial to adults but major for a child.  

I have no idea what I’m doing yet.  Just want to make it dope. Almost like a mixture of spike lee,  terrence malik and and spike jonze. 

those influences sound dope. And yeah, i’d kinda wanna avoid another film with abuse in it, frankly, as a black woman. very limited capacity for that in my fiction. 

Seriously, all mainstream black films have to do with slavery, abuse, drug addiction, music - the cliche ideals that sell to a Eurocentric audience and I don’t want to do that at all. I want to sell this film as human.  At the end of the day people walk away from films forgetting how human we all are.  Something that is essential lacking in films when it comes to POC - I just want to make something dope that responds to that.

look forward to seeing what you got. Drop ideas on me any time if you feel like. 

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Ambition is like a poison and a gift tangled together and it makes you leave and leave and leave again, leave places, leave people, leave your whole life. Ambition and something else that I don’t know how to name but it’s what I share my house with, the house of my body, ambition and something that is ruthless and cruel and says only, ever, Is that a good story, and if the answer is no it says Move on. The best we can hope for is to be good enough to justify how brutal we are. The summer after I graduated I had no idea what I was in for or what I had started, no idea where that move would take me, no idea that I would come out the other end transformed. Not a butterfly but a vulture or maybe on my better days a bird of prey. When you are a woman or a girl or female no one says to you Look, artists who are great take without asking and take and take and do not apologize because when you are a woman or a girl or female the only thing you are supposed to take is a lot of other people’s shit. No one says to you Be sure you are strong enough to take and not apologize and keep going when the taking leaves you nothing to go back to. Be sure you are strong enough to steal and live alone with what you’ve chosen to make yours.
Sarah McCarry, What I Did the Summer After I Graduated (via starksandrecreation)

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And then there’s the Events link. There, we are promised a “Girl Thing” mobile that will travel across Europe to “offer fun, on-the-spot scientific activities demonstrating the connection between science and music, cosmetics, food, fashion, and more.” This phrase joins the video to form the horns of the dilemma that anyone doing science outreach to girls must take on. How do you target girls and interest them in science without coming off like a sexist jerk who thinks that girls are like My Little Ponies who will turn to science only if offered the carrot of fashion, makeup, and pink things?

How Do We Interest Girls in Science? Not Like This | BlogHer (via robot-heart-politics)

Getting girls interested in science needs to start early. Girls aren’t encouraged to play with building blocks, they’re encouraged to play with dolls but building blocks are more indicative to engineering than playing house or dress-up. Girls aren’t encouraged to do math the same way boys are. I certainly wasn’t. My mother discouraged me from taking advanced math classes simply because my brother did poorly in them, it had nothing to do with my own performances in math. 

Girls should be encouraged at home and school as early as possible to have a sense of curiosity just as strongly as their male counterparts because having a sense of curiosity is what drives scientific endeavors. Asking why and how things work is the basis for scientific discovery and learning. Making science relatable to fashion and make-up is just enforcing gender roles even more and it doesn’t create the same level of curiosity that encouraging girls to play with Legos or blocks or making baking soda volcanoes does.



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They don’t teach you this in school. They don’t show you the beauty of existing, they don’t show you the wonder of the earth, they don’t show you the unity that human beings are. They show you who’s better, who’s worse. They show you what they need to show you in order for their system to survive. They don’t show you love.
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Black Girl Dangerous: How To Be A Reverse-Racist: An Actual Step by Step List For Oppressing White People



by A.D Song and Mia McKenzie

White people who are confronted with their white privilege and the white supremacist acts they perpetuate have been known to cry, “You’re being a reverse-racist!” That is completely true: people of color have the power and control to create, perpetuate,…

From an enormous Black Femme!

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Being raped does change you: it’s more than non-consensual sex, it’s psychic murder. The person you were beforehand ceases to exist and you can never, ever be them again.

Anonymous, ‘The R Word,’ on rape and gaming.

Please note that this is an intensely personal piece by a male sexual assault survivor which includes graphic discussions of sexual assault and its aftermath. 

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Sex is no more an immutable binary than is gender. There are intersex people who are born with non-binary genitalia, as I have already mentioned. There are people with hormonal anomalies. In fact, hormone levels vary wildly within the categories of cis male and cis female. Chromosomes, too, vary. If you thought “XX” and “XY” were the only two possible combinations, you have some serious googling to do. In addition to variations like XXY, XXYY, or X, sometimes cis people find out that they are genetically the “opposite” of what they though they were– that is, a ‘typical’ cis man can be XX, a ‘normal’ cis woman can be XY.
The fact is that the concept of binary sex is based on the fallacious idea that multiple sex characteristics are immutable and must always go together, when in fact many of them can be changed, many erased, and many appear independently in different combinations. “Female” in sex binary terms means having breasts, having a vagina, having a womb, not having a lot of body hair, having a high-pitched voice, having lots of estrogen, having a period, having XX chromosomes. “Male” means having a penis, not having breasts, producing sperm, having body hair, having a deep voice, having lots of testosterone, having XY chromosomes. Yet it is possible to isolate, alter, and remove many of these traits. Many of these traits do not always appear together, and before puberty and after menopause, many of them do not apply.

Asher Bauer (via inherhipstheresrevolutions)

Everyone, read this. The male/female body dichotomy is a myth. (via dearcissexism)

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